BanaBay bag a bunch of awards!

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We know BanaBay bananas are brilliant, but now we have the proof!

On the 19th of September, our team in Ecuador entered a prestigious ‘best banana’ competition – but with over 30 large and well-respected plantations representing their bananas, BanaBay were up against some serious competition!

The judges were looking for the largest and highest quality bunches, and inspected each plantation’s entry in turn. When they came to the BanaBay stand, the team held their breath, but remained confident in the top quality of our bananas.

Eventually, the time came for the winners to be announced.  Every entrant had their fingers crossed, hoping to be top banana. The judges read out the results, and the BanaBay team were overjoyed to have taken both third and fourth place – two awards out of the five available!

We’re very proud to have had two positions on the podium, and look forward to achieving even greater results next year!


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